A new public housing area with 66 housing units for families and a new supermarket in Aabenraa

The local housing units are part of an overarching local development plan for the northern end of Aabenraa.

The units are located on the former Cimbria grounds, located in the north section of town. The building project makes up the first stage of the development plans for the site.

The in-town housing units are an important element of Aabenraa’s efforts to attract more people to the town, and the project fits in well with plans to also develop the north end of the pedestrian street. The building project includes both two-room and three-room family dwellings totalling 6.400 m², and a store area of 2.700 m². This means it will be possible to establish a large open space on the grounds.

The red hues of the brickwork make the complex blend in perfectly with the surrounding buildings. The project comprises three seven-storey buildings, and two buildings of lower height closer to Reberbanen and Langevad. The ground floor base of the two five-storey buildings does not have shops.

The design-build contract comprises design engineering, planning and construction of 66 public housing units for families, as well as a supermarket.

Public Housing
Aabenraa | Denmark
Domea Rødekro | O. Adsbøll & Sønner
9.100 m2