Chimney House

Unique and ambitious housing with focus on Danish design

Chimney House is a very special project consisting of two separate buildings on the same building plot - an existing chimney building with refined details in the brickwork and a newly built six-storey housing building. The combination of modern and existing architecture creates a unique project on an attractive location at Svanemøllen Beach north of Copenhagen.

Chimney House got its name with reference to the site’s unique chimney building, that is worthy of preservation, and built in 1908 by city architect in Copenhagen Hans Wright. Part of the project has been to transform the chimney building, and to give it a new life by adding new functions. At the same time, a new, modern point house has been built comprising a total of 11 large apartments.

In the design of Chimney House there has been a constant focus on craftmanship and handpicked Danish quality materials, which have been used in the entire design both inside and outside. In example, all bricks, windows, doors and floors are carefully selected with a focus on Danish design and quality. Also, all apartments are decorated with Danish-designed kitchens and fixtures.

The existing chimney building has undergone extensive renovation in the process – still the original architecture and refined details in the brickwork have been respected. The building, which has been empty and unused for a long period, is today transformed into showroom, mini-hotel and event space for the Danish design brand VIPP. A central thrust has been to open the building towards the surroundings by lowering and enlarging the existing windows – thus the architecture now supports the building’s new function. Furthermore, a new black surface, which VIPP uses in their designs, has been used on new the roof surface creating a modern and simpler architectural expression.

Copenhagen | Denmark
Realised, 2019
1.750 m²
Studio David Thulstrup | VIPP

In the design of Chimney House the vision has been to create an ambitious and unique quality building with a thorough focus on Danish design – a building, which with its architecture contributes to a high quality of life for the residents. In example by focusing on views and attractive outdoor areas.

The point house draws its architectural inspiration from the area’s many brick houses, and has a simple and modern idiom with bright bricks, large window sections and wooden details. The square building is visually divided by vertical bands in raw concrete and large, enclosed balconies. All apartments in Chimney House are designed with spacious, bright areas and from all apartment the residents have a three-sided view through the large windows – in example over Øresund and the surrounding residential neighborhood. Each apartment has a large covered terrace.