Central Park

A modern interpretation of the classic housing block

Central Park marks the transition between the beautiful classic properties at Østerbro and the functional expression and unrefined harbour environment at Nordhavn. The architecture at Central Park takes its cue from both environments, forming a link between the harbour and the city.

Central Park is a modern apartment block totalling 10,200 m2, distributed between 94 apartments of varying size and supplemented with 700 m2 of shops and services on the ground floor. The high-quality apartment block frames a green courtyard area, created with the apartment block and the area’s residents in mind.

The courtyard area can be used by the block’s residents and by other residents and visitors in the local area, thus, helping to tie the area together and support social interaction and activity. On the ground floor, the shops and services contribute to a varied and dynamic environment in the area.

The building underlines the combination of the urban environment and the feeling of living centrally, yet is surrounded by air, green areas and far-reaching views across the water in a lively residential area marked by the character of the harbour and the area’s industrial history.

Nordhavn | Copenhagen | Denmark
Ørestad Development Corporation | Danica Pension
Completed, 2016
10.200 m² apartments | 700 m² shops