A vibrant building that will breathe life into the area

The vision of the project is to create a development which functionally and architecturally strengthens the integrity of the area.

The development is located on the corner of Skolegade and Nygade, and will act as link between the central part of Herning town centre and the residential area to the north.

The development is four storeys high on Skolegade, descending from five storeys to two storeys on Nygade. This way, the height correlates with the surrounding developments. The building is made of brick and glass, and is thus also in keeping with the surrounding buildings in the area, material-wise. The colours and composition selected are contemporary grey, browns and warm shades. The development has 26 owner-occupied flats ranging from 100 m2 to 175 m2, 36 social housing youth residences and a commercial area which will function as administration offices for the housing association, Fællesbo.

The aim has been to create a diverse development that will breathe life into the town centre at all hours of the day.
There are homes here for students, young couples, families with children and elderly couples. It is also a workplace where employees spend their days and where customers will use the building as a natural meeting place. The development offers every opportunity for the generations to come together.

At the same time, we have also focused on the residents themselves being able to choose when they wish to be a part of community. Access areas have therefore been established with separate entrances to the different types of housing.

The youth residences are all 2-room flats with a private balcony and access from the gallery.

Public housing
Herning | Denmark
KPC | Fællesbo
6.501 m2
Realised, 2016