Boltens Food Court

A new oasis in central Copenhagen

Boltens Gård in central Copenhagen, which previously housed the legendary nightclub NASA, has been revived as Copenhagen's new food market named Boltens Food Court.

The vision for the transformation of Boltens Gård has been to create the best possible setting for a new, vibrant meeting spot in Copenhagen, where Copenhageners and tourists can meet all year round. It is the team behind Copenhagen Street Food at PapirØen (Paper Island), who have moved the popular concept to the city with the inauguration of Boltens Food Court – the city’s new food market, which is located as neighbour to Kongens Nytorv.

Boltens Food Court consists of Industrien (The Industry) – an indoor food hall with stalls – as well as a number of smaller restaurants, bars and cafes all located around an inner courtyard, which has now been revived as a new oasis in the city, where visitors can enjoy food and drink. In addition, one of the project’s main ambitions has been to establish an open passage through the courtyard to secure a natural flow of people through the food market.

Transformation and Renovation
Copenhagen | Denmark
360 North
Realised, 2019
Boltens Aps | Norconsult

Industrien – the city’s new food hall
In the work with Industrien, the court’s existing, industrial building is transformed. Today, the lower three floors today house the new food hall. In the transformation process, a hidden room was found, which gave the opportunity to establish a large, open space, that connects the three floors.

During the warmer seasons, the facade of Industrien can be opened towards the courtyard, which thus becomes an active and integrated part of the food market, where visitors can enjoy food and drinks.

Årstiderne Arkitekter has been responsible for the realization of the overall design concept, and has defined the principles for the facade renovation, colours, lighting, interior design and furniture choices, where there has been focus on the use of furniture in recycled plastic. In addition, Spaceplanning and Interior Design has been responsible for the interior design of the new wine bar, which is housed in one of the classic Copenhagen properties in the courtyard. The interior is designed for tenants of Boltens Gård, Boltens Aps.