Boliger i Stavtrup

Public housing near Aarhus and Brabrandsøen

The development is constructed in two phases and creates a new housing area comprising a total of 151 public housing properties.

Stage 1 consists of 91 social housing properties – all designed as two-storey town houses with horizontal party walls. All of the properties have a private garden and a balcony.

Stage 2 consists of 60 properties, divided into two sub-areas on the plot. All properties have a private garden and all the two-storey properties have a balcony.

The location of the development on a south-facing slope provides good daylight conditions. With their simple, white expression, the property blocks really stand out in the landscape. The white plaster is supplemented with sections clad with façade panels in warm tones. With their gently sloping roofs, the property blocks open up to the south and survey the landscape. Green areas between the housing rows and the sub-areas function as recreational areas and internal connections.

The common house enjoys a central location in the development with a private terrace and garden. It houses a function room complete with kitchen and service rooms as well as a section for the caretaker. Materials-wise, the common house sets itself apart from the residential properties as the building is constructed in a light or dark grey brick.

Public housing
Stavtrup | Aarhus | Denmark
Alboa (Almen Boligorganisation Aarhus)
Realised, 2013
Stage 1: 9.611 m² | Stage 2: 5.797 m²