BMW Aarhus

An elegant house designed for showcasing cars

We are BMW Nordic Group's permanent partner in Denmark, Norway and Sweden - a partnership that has resulted in a number of construction and renovation projects for BMW/MINI dealerships all over Scandinavia.

The new, understated car dealership building in Aarhus is among the more recent projects under the agreement. It is one of the first BMW/MINI new builds in the spirit of BMW Brand Architecture.

The design and presentation concept was applied to an elegant main three-storey building. We were responsible for the entire process, from design and realisation through to hand-over of the finished object. The concept aims to create a superlative framework for both the showroom and overall customer experience.

Our urban development division prepared the district plan for the locality surrounding the new car dealership.

Aarhus | Denmark
Realised, 2014
Bayern Auto Group
4200 m2