A modern office house with focus on daylight and informal meeting places for the employees

Bankdata is a modern office building located in the business corridor of Silkeborg.

Positioned around a central courtyard area, the building includes offices, meeting rooms and communal facilities as well as a kitchen and canteen for 150 employees.

A mixture of open-plan and private offices also features flexibility with a view to future changes in work patterns. The design ensures plenty of daylight for all the permanent office space. Informal meeting areas have been incorporated in the shared zones.

A characteristic of the building is the large stairwell, which features a sculptural concrete stairway, which is suspended from cables. The abundant light entering via the glass covering is amplified through the contrasting aspects of a substantial volume, in the form of the staircase, and the vertical lines of cables and pale, segmented wall cladding.

On the outside, the building has a solid presence, with façades of grey flecked brick and Corten steel details. Contrastingly, it opens inwards towards a courtyard  space fitted with plant basins and a mirror pool. Here, Danish artist Peter Brande has created a poetic, painted glass sculpture which is visible from all floors of the building.

Corten steel cassettes have been positioned around the window openings, creating a strict pattern over the facade, which together with the brick detail gives the building a distinctive and modern countenance. The entrance section consists of a four-storey tall glass section in a corten steel frame, giving a strong vertical emphasis to the Bankdata façade.

Office and Business
Silkeborg | Denmark
Jyske Bank A/S
Realised, 2016
7.491 m²