Aalborg City Center

A dynamic hub comprising public transportation, streets for pedestrians and attractive retail areas

Aalborg City Centre is a dynamic urban hub giving priority to establishing an attractive, action-packed space of high-quality materials, with stringent design to infuse the space with a striking character.

The city centre of Aalborg is one of the most important urban spaces in Aalborg. It comprises dynamic hubs for public transport and serves as a link to a diversity of pedestrianised street sections and retail areas. The project gives priority to establishing an attractive, lively urban space of high quality materials, particularly granite from one facade to another. Stringent surfacing design gives the urban space a striking character with a high degree of familiarity.

The intense traffic is led through the urban spaces by logically dividing it into pedestrian, cycling and bus lanes. Fixtures and lighting create spaces with seating which invite you to sit down and relax. A large star-shaped square is located at the intersection of Østerågade and Nytorv. It is flanked by three reflecting pools, whose edges also serve as places to sit. From here one can experience the source of the water, before it flows across the granite surface and trickles down the water stairs, finally becoming quiescent in the reflecting pool.

Landscape architecture
Aalborg | Denmark
Aalborg Municipality
30.000 m2