Urban housing with green and sustainable outdoor areas

Åbyen in Aarhus is a local residential area that is rapidly evolving into a lush, lively neighbourhood with integrated rainwater management solutions.

The area, which previously housed industry, has been transformed into a green wedge with homes that have local rainwater harvesting incorporated in towards the city.

The buildings, which comprise 164 flats as well as an underground car park, are located in a communal green area, which is shared with other developments. The green area is interspersed between the buildings, forming a link, and all buildings are experienced as part of the communal area. There are large green terraces for the flats, established from each level and varying in size and design with a view to attracting a mix of residents.

The windows are positioned to give residents the best possible views across the attractive green areas and the city skyline. The balconies are also positioned so as not to shadow one another and to give the residents maximum privacy. There is an underground car park and bicycle parking under the apartment blocks to keep the surroundings as free of parked cars as possible.

The façades are made up of light, greyish façade elements surrounding a dark brick cube. The dark brick is in a pattern that accentuates the weightiness of the dark surface in contrast to the lighter surfaces.

In 2018 the project was nominated for Aarhus Municipality Architectural Award.

Aarhus | Denmark
Innovator | JCN bolig
Completed, 2016
13.000 m2