Nørregade 9

From nursing home to 98 modern student housing units

The project uses the existing buildings’ differences to design housing units of varying character and potential, supporting the varying needs of the residents.

The development contains housing units with double-height rooms, two-storey units and more traditionally arranged units. All of the units are well-appointed, spacious and exciting homes aimed at young people. On ground floor level, a new “communal house” is built, which will function as a social gathering point for the young people, giving the development the character and qualities of a residence hall, with young, active residents.

In October 2016, the student housing units received Herning Municipality’s architecture award for “good and beautiful construction”.

Public housing
Herning | Denmark
Boligselskabet Fruehøjgaard
Realised, 2015
4.795 m² | 1.650 m² basement