Developer consulting

Specialised consulting with an interdisciplinary perspective

No two projects are alike, and no two projects require the same consulting input. Our architects and consultants are specialised within a wide range of fields, and we advise our private and public developers within the precise areas the given project requires.

As consultants, we put ourselves in the developer’s shoes, and base our work on our 30 years of experience and an interdisciplinary perspective. We analyse the context, needs, functions, space and budget, and develop individual strategies, concepts and building programmes for the given project. In this way we ensure the quality and implementation of the project.

In addition to architectural consultancy services, we provide professional advice in areas such as project management, BIM and ICT, construction management, sustainability and DGNB, user involvement and technical due diligence.

We pursue a holistic approach across our disciplines and segments, involving the right expertise at the right time in the process. For example, we can involve our urban planners early in the process to ensure an optimal planning foundation, or our engineering colleagues from Sweco – so that we together ensure that projects are thought-out on all parameters from the outset.