User involvement

Architecture designed by people for people

We know that our projects are best utilised, when they are designed and furnished for the people who will be using them.

User involvement is one of our key tools for understanding our customers and users, because it gives us insight into the wishes, needs, conditions and challenges before we begin designing.

When we shape the cities and communities of tomorrow to meet changing family patterns, ways of working, and consumer behaviour, we do our utmost to understand our customers and users so we can translate their needs into efficient and future-proof architecture.

We have specialists who have developed methods for an efficient user involvement process. Through close dialogue with the project stakeholders, we create a basis for high-quality construction projects that fulfil the expectations of the developer, residents and users. We know that a good process is vital for promoting involvement, co-ownership and a clear alignment of expectations. We view the users as experts in their field, who add significant value to the processes through their valuable input.

Each of our segments works with user involvement in the early project stages to ensure that our architecture is designed for and matched to the people who will be using and living in the buildings.


Sonja Marie Overgaard
Sonja Marie Overgaard
Competence Manager
USser Involment an Project Manager
Tender Manager, Cand. Arch., Ph.d.
Tel. +45 7024 1090
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Peter Kristiansen
Peter Kristiansen
Creative Manager / Team Manager, West
Learning and Leisure
Arkitekt Cand. Arch.
Tel. +45 9628 0809
Mob. +45 2620 9821