Digital building models optimise the collaboration across the project's different operators

The construction industry is rapidly developing within digital construction. We employ experienced specialists who ensure that we are always up to date with the latest knowledge and opportunities in the field.

At Årstiderne Arkitekter, BIM and ICT consulting is a professional focus area and an integral part of our work.

BIM is one of our most important tools for modelling buildings in 3D. It supports development and project coordination, and helps ensure that the architecture and functions of our projects are integrated and thought out in detail from start to finish.

Working with digital building models ensures a better workflow, because 3D modelling gives us a full overview of our projects. This ensures good interdisciplinary cooperation and more informed decision-making for us, our client and our partners, because we have a common foundation for understanding our buildings and use data from the same digital model. This allows us to more easily manage the time, quality and budget.

Our BIM specialists are always up to date on the latest knowledge and newest opportunities in digital construction. We contribute actively to digital development in the construction industry through new tools, such as LandscapeTerrainModeller, a plug-in we developed for Revit which allows landscape architects to model in 3D.

We have employees who are experienced in Information and Communication Technology (ICT), who can coordinate digital collaboration on our projects and ensure that ICT agreements and requirements are complied with and integrated. We assist developers in complying with the requirements of the executive order on ICT, and ensure the clear and simple exchange of models and documents so that the risk of errors and misunderstandings is minimised.

Our ICT staff are specialists in consultancy and project management. They can therefore manage the dialogue with the project stakeholders professionally and efficiently, so that digital requirements and wishes are integrated in line with expectations – first in the joint contract documents and then in practice in work processes and projects.

To strengthen our knowledge and our influence on digital development in the construction industry, we are a member of the Digital Convergence professional network. We contribute in this forum, together with five other players, to strengthening digital construction through the development of new technology.


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Mads Carlsen
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