We contribute to a positive, sustainable development in the construction industry

As players and consultants within architecture, design and construction, it is our responsibility to contribute to a positive, sustainable development in the industry. We take an active stance on how our cities and buildings are designed, constructed and used.

As architects, it is our job to create lasting, future-proof architecture. We advise on how to implement sustainability in the architecture based on the developer’s interests and the building’s function and drawing on our expertise and knowledge. This allows us to create value for our customers and their end users in the form of a better working environment, indoor climate, lifecycle cost, sales value and operating expenses, etc. when the building is completed.

For us, sustainability is not an independent element that can be considered in isolation. The degree of sustainability always depends on the aspirations, the financial framework and the potential in a specific project.

We help our clients implement sustainability at many levels in both the planning and execution phases, including:

Sustainability consulting
We advise on how sustainable initiatives can be implemented in the specific project.

Screening potential sustainability
We screen projects early in the process to assess where and how sustainable initiatives can be applied.

Sustainability certification for projects
Our team of DGNB auditors and consultants can provide sustainability certification for building and landscape projects.

Sustainability management
We ensure that the sustainable initiatives are implemented in the project.

Evaluation and advice on implementation of isolated sustainable initiatives

Årstiderne Arkitekter is a member of Green Building Council Denmark, which has developed the Danish version of the DGNB sustainability certification. DGNB takes a holistic approach to sustainability. It focuses on economic, social and environmental sustainability, and the project’s technology and construction process, in a single holistic overview.

Our sustainability team consists of specialised employees who are trained DGNB consultants and experienced DGNB Auditors. We also have in-house specialists in areas such as certification services, integrated design processes (IDP), natural light simulations, lifecycle analyses (LCA) and lifecycle cost (LCC).

We offer DGNB certification for both building and landscape projects, and have extensive experience with certification from the first pencil strokes to the finished project through our current and past projects.


Henriette Falk Olesen
Henriette Falk Olesen
Competence Manager - Sustainability
Architect, DGNB-auditor
Tel. +45 9628 0803
Mob. +45 5372 1218