Landscape Terrain Modeller

The LTM® plug-in include 11 powerful tools that enable you to fast and easily modify Floors in Revit by defining a slope. Just type in the slope and point out the starting point and the elevation at the end point is automatically calculated, and the floor will be modified.

Furthermore, the LTM® also include 4 functions to create Filled Regions attached to floors to visually improve your plan drawings for presentations. Filled regions created with the LTM plug-in are connected to the floor with the same shape as the floor and can be automatically updated if the shape of the floor is changed.

Functions to modify floors:

– Create Sub Element by typing slope – point out start and end point.
– Create Sub Element by typing slope – point out start and end point with the end point in a different floor.
– Match Sub Element by alining Sub Elements (with or without offset) in two floors sharing edges.
– Adjust Sub Elements – adjust all sub elements in a selected area.
– Sub Elements in Real Level – set the sub elements in reel levels and not relative to the floor level.
– Unify Slope – extending a slope between two points and a third point.
– Match Floor to Grading – adjust the floor to match the corners of a grating.
– Toposurface to Floor – create a floor from the information in a Toposurface.
– Find Coordinate – creating a cross with coordinates at a specific coordinate
– Spot Elevation – creating Spot elevation on selected floors
– Slope Texts – creating slope texts on selected floors

Functions to create Filled Regions attatched to floors:

– Create a Filled Region – create a filled region with the same shape as the floor .
– Clone Filled Region – clone filled r egions from another view and pr eserve the connection to the floor.
– Update Filled Regions – if the shape of the floor is chang ed all filled r egions will adjust to the new shape.
– Update by Selection – the selectes filled region is updated.


The Landscape Terrain Modeller plug-in can be downloaded from the AutoDesk App Store.

For corporate purchasing and additional information, please contact

Download the Landscape Terrain Modeller 3.0 Manual as PDF